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Joe Exotic’s Extreme Rescue’s
For nearly 30 years Joe Exotic has been in the animal rescue industry, taking care of exotic animal’s worldwide. Not only do animals come from irresponsible private owners (there are very good professional private owners) but most of the animals that are rescued come from sanctuaries that are not USDA licensed or zoos that are far below standards. Being a sanctuary the is 501 (c) 3 does NOT make it a great place. Being accredited by an organization does not mean the government is inspecting the facility. It just means that they are a member of a club and has NO bearing on how the place is run or inspected. More facilities that are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries in our opinion has some of the more farther below standard facilities than most. Joe Exotic is here to educate you about the plight of the exotic animals in the wild and in captivity. Please donate to his cause to help save exotics from abuse and extinction.

The worst thing Joe Exotic hates is scam artist, liars and people raising money for fake rescues in the exotic animal world. To see one of the largest scams in our world today click here to see the latest newsletter.

Nations Largest Rescue
One of Joe Exotic’s most extreme rescues came out of Missouri, rescuing 42 tigers, lions and 1 leopard along with 2 wolves. Making this one of the largest one site rescue in history. As the story goes, a man with a private sanctuary who had no license with the USDA had an accident with one of the workers, losing a leg to a tiger. After the accident the local sheriff’s office ordered them out of the county.

Joe Exotic pulled into action with a crew, equipment and vehicles to remove all of the animals and relocate them back to the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. There is where the animals are brought up to health and re-homed to zoos all over the Nation that could adopt one or two cats, serving as a way to add to their collection with adopted animals instead of purchased ones.

With your help more and more animals can be helped that are in abusive situations. Trust that Joe Exotic’s Extreme Rescue will be the first one on the scene.

Donate today and make sure this will always be possible.


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Help bring awareness to AZA zoos and the private clubs that fall under the radar of the USDA.